Margaret Akullo Elem’s first involvement in the peace process in Northern Uganda started in 2005 when she, together with religious, political and cultural leaders were invited by the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr Louis Moreno Ocampo to the ICC at the Hague to come up with the best way of promoting peace in Northern Uganda and to bring the perpetrators of war crimes and crime against humanity to account for the crimes they have committed. It was in that meeting that all the leaders then present agreed that warrants of arrest be issued against the six top most perpetrators of the LRA war. Presently, Margaret is the coordinator of the Lango Female Clan Leaders Association. As coordinator, Margaret is involved in the advancement of women’s rights as fundamental human rights both in Lango, Northern Uganda and the country as a whole. She is currently monitoring the implementation of the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda. This is a plan which is set to implement most of the issues raised and agreed to in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement arrived at in Juba by the two parties of government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army. Margaret networks closely with national women organisations in peace building issues especially in line with UNSCR 1325 to ensure women’s participation in peace processes, politics and their protection in conflict situations. Because of her articulations and informed position on women issues both at local and national level, Margaret was nominated by Isis-WICCE as one of the representatives of women of Northern Uganda in a join program of Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Grater Horn of Africa.
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Betty Akullo is lawyer and human rights activist. She joined the National Association of Women’s Organizations (NAWOU) in Uganda as the Legal Officer where she developed a project that was sensitizing communities to champion the passing of the Domestic Relations Bill into law.  She also worked as the Coordinator for the Centre for Domestic Violence for five years. She also worked as the Coordinator for Africa End Child Trafficking before working Legal Aid as the Coordinator for Luzira Project where she was providing legal aid services to indigent clients. She is currently the National Programme Coordinator of Women and Rural Development Network (WORUDET).  Her organization is working  with a vision of having a  community that is inclusive for women, men and children who are valued and empowered to reach their potentials through addressing social injustices such as gender based violence, negative cultural and discriminatory practices while promoting socio- economic opportunities through participation collaboration with other agencies.
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Jesca Ataa has experience as the secretary of the District Women’s Council, the District Representative of the National Farmers Forum and member of the Functional Adult Literacy Instructors Executive. Jesca is a member of the Kotido Senior Secondary School Board of Governors.  At present, Jesca is the chairperson of the Nakere Women’s Group, a community based organisation through which she engages in peace education and human rights. Jesca also works in Teso and Acholi sub region through peace meetings organised to promote reconciliation with the neighbouring communities affected by the Karimojong warriors. email:
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Agnes Badaru has experience as a researcher for UNIDO and Makerere University Department of Peace and Conflict. She has also served as a social counselor and district facilitator for the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund project. Agnes joined Participatory Rural Action for Development (PRAFORD) as a peace building trainer and mediator for the civil peace service program. Agnes continues to work with PRAFORD planning, implementing and monitoring the Multi-Skills Training project, Peace Building, Human Rights, Good Governance and Democracy Programs, UNIFEM activities and other government supported programs. Ms Badaru spearheads the counselling and life skills development activities within different marginalized communities in West Nile. She also sits on the boards of the coalitions on women, child soldiers and proliferation of light weapons and small arms in the Great Lakes Region. email:

Cecila Engole has experience as a teacher, women’s councilor and as Regional Representative of the National Association of Women’s Organizations. She has also been an active member of the Active Citizens Club Coalition and the Uganda National Coalition for Peace since 2008. Cecilia is currently the Coordinator of Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA). Her work includes capacity building of grassroots women on peace building, conflict resolution, women’s rights and promoting reconciliation between Teso and Karamoja. Ms. Engole is also involved in radio talk shows that are also held to raise awareness on UNSCR 1325 and 1820. email:
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