South Sudan

DOLLY ANEK ODWONG  was a former field coordinator of Sudan Women’s Voice for Peace and a trainer in peace building and conflict transformation, Dolly then went on to help found the regional Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa network.  Dolly is currently Program Assistant for Skills for Southern Sudan. Dolly Anek promotes the training of trainers in gender in civil society. She is the former program coordinator of Women’s Action for Development, which conducted trainings in the Upper Nile Region of Sudan. This training experience is her greatest strength as she has practice in various fields such as peacebuilding, women’s leadership, civic education, and trauma counseling. Ms. Odwong works with UNIFEM, Sudanese Women’s Voice for Peace, and the Horn of Africa Programme at the Life and Peace Institute. She is an avid activist for women’s rights, peacebuilding, and mentoring for girls. Ms. Odwong has been instrumental in training women at the grassroots level in South Sudan, including Bhar-el-Ghazel, Equatoria, and the three regions of the Upper Nile. She has travelled widely within these regions and believes that peace building requires a bottom up approach and the vital participation of women, who are the backbones of their communities. She is a single mother of four children and works tirelessly for her causes. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University in Nairobi, Kenya.

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LINDA FERDINAND HUSSIEN works with WOTAP (Women’s Training and Promotion Programme) in Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal in Southern Sudan.  At WOTAP, Linda helps with women’s health as well as micro finance initiatives. Linda has been the Director of Women Training and Promotion (WOTAP) since 2002. Under her leadership, WOTAP has grown extensively and now works in the fields of education, health education, food security, training and mobilization and advocacy. She has a BSc Degree in Rural Extension and Educational Development and her experience includes working as development officer with UNDP for 5 years. She has just completed her Masters degree in Peace and Development Diplomacy as well as several training programs and workshops. She is a dedicated member of her community utilizing her knowledge of southern Sudanese culture as well as development approaches and gender issues making her an invaluable advisor on peace building issues in her community.
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KARAK MAYIK NYOK is the Founder and Executive Director for DRDA (Diar for Rehabilitation and Development Association) in Rumbek Southern Sudan.  She is also a representative of Women for Women International and a founding member and a member of  Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa board of directors and is  currently the Country Director of Women for Women International-Sudan. Forced to flee the violence in southern Sudan at the age of 11, Ms. Mayik lived with some of her relatives all over the country, attending different schools, due to her family’s situation.  In 1990 Karak rejoined her family and moved to Khartoum’s Mayo refugee camp. After years of suffering the lack of security that threatened the camp, Ms. Mayik directed all her attention to serve camp inhabitants’ needs. In 1998, she was recruited to teach women’s literacy in the camp. Ms. Mayik later returned to the South, enrolled in Juba University and started her own community-based organization dedicated to helping socially excluded refugee women. The establishment of Friendship Agency for Community Training (FACT), was one of her achievements.  She holds a degree in Community Studies Human right protection / and Rural Development from the University of Juba (Khartoum) and in Rural Development In 2004, Ms. Mayik received the Van Heuven Goedhart award for her dedication and service to displaced women in Sudan.

ACHOL DUT THOKRIAL used to work with the NGO Diar for Rehabilitation and Development (DRDA) while in Khartoum at Mayo Internal Displaced camp as a Trainer of Trainers in handicrafts and Income Generating Project among the displaced South Sudanese who were leaving there. When peace was signed, Achol opted to come back to South Sudan to rebuild her country through helping other women in Rumbek, Lakes State and whilst still working with DRDA. She moved from Khartoum to Rumbek and worked to create awareness at Makernom Farm where most of the vulnerable women were staying and working on their individual farms to help them in their families. Most of those women are widows or single mothers and she continued training them on small business to sustain their life . Achol is a driving force for girls child education for women in her community where cultural values do not support  girl child education. She preaches on the importance of preventing  early marriages as a bad practice.

EVAH KIONGO is a human rights activist based in Southern Sudan. She has worked for Diar for Rehabilitation and Development Association in Rumbek.  Evah has covered many courses, ranging from Health and Hygiene, Hair dressing, Facial treatment, Manicure/Pedicure, Bible school, Community protection workshop, Women leaders for peace with UN Security Council Resolution 1325:2000 on women, peace and security, Civic education and adult education. She has also broad knowledge regarding Community Protection and the role of Women as Peace Makers. 

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ALICE ELIA works as a Program Coordinator for Voice for Change in Juba, Southern Sudan. Before working at Voice for Change, she obtained a  BA in Community Studies. She is a passionate advocator of women´s rights and member of G40 Regional Network focusing on supporting the roles of women in decision making processes regading peace and security across the Horn of Africa.