Khadra Omer  Hassan  works as Country Focal Point for Horn of Africa Regional Environment Network and is part of Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa Board member. Born in Hargeisa in 1972, Khadra has been involved in different projects regarding peace and security in Somalia and Somaliland. As a result, she has gained a wide experience in organizing and mobilizing community towards their own developments, as well as planning, facilitating and implementing training activities. Between 2002 and 2009, she was the chairlady of Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization and was member of Nagaad Boardand FAO agro_forsery project Gender Officer between 2004 and 2007. Meanwhile, she has attended several seminaries and workshops focused on increasing women’s participation and the defence of human/ women’s rights. email:
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Asha Mohamed is the Project Officer for Community Development and Urban Planning for UN-Habitat. Asha graduated from the University of Political Science in Mogadishu.  After starting work as a teacher, Asha soon became a women’s training officer for Women’s Action for Advocacy and Development Association {WADA} in her native Hargeisa/Somaliland. In the span of her career, she has held many varied positions ranging from coordinator of Heegan human rights Network to raising awareness on eradication of Female Genital Mutilation, fighting all violations against women and children.  In addition, Asha has served as vice-chair for the Nagaad Women Umbrella and become women activists.  Asha has also attended various workshops all over Africa on Human Rights, civil society management and training of trainers on good governance and leadership skills community participatory  planning from Rwanda and Uganda in the Great Lakes region to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia in the Horn of Africa .Asha loves to advocate both local and regional a women for participating in decision making process, peace and security  and she is member of regional net work called Strategy Initiatives of Horn of Africa{ SIHA} and Women’s Leadership for peace and security in greater of horn of Africa that attended several meetings conducted Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda Asha also is member of Somaliland Human rights defenders and also gender working group.
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Asmahan Hassan is a founding member of the regional Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, a network of women’s civil society organisations across the region. She is also heavily involved at the grass roots level in Somaliland through the Nagaad Umbrella goup. She is chairperson of SOWRAG (Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group). The principle behind SOWRAG is that unless there are conscious efforts by women to act immediately and upgrade their economic, social, political and legal situation, it might be more difficult to reverse the negative trends characterized with women, causing the total absence of women from the decision-making processes including the legal professions which in return affects their livelihood. SOWRAG strives for a just society where its members live in peace and harmony with each other and  where all forms of violence and inequalities based on gender, clan are eliminated, and where every member has the same rights and opportunities. They work to empower Somaliland women by increasing their capacity, conduct research, undertake advocacy programs, information dissemination and device action program meeting their needs. 

Kaltun Hassan is the Chairperson of NAGAAD women Umbrella, the strongest Women’s Organizations in Somaliland, the Somaliland Focal Point of SIHA Network. Currently, she also works as a gender expert of the Ministry of National Planning and Development in Somaliland. Kaltun has a degree in Faculty of Business Administration and during her working career she has taken part in campaigns for peace during the civil wars in Somailand, facilitated peace building trainings and forums and organized mobilizations on stopping the conflicts between some of Somaliand clans. Thus, she has become a recognized human/women’s rights defender, for which she and her family have been persecuted.
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Kinzi Hussein Qowden. Having been displaced in and around the Somali region throughout her life, Kinzi has since worked for Women´s Rehabilitation & Development Association (WORDA)  and the Nagaad Women Umbrella where she currently works.  She served as acting Executive director of Nagaad in 2007. Her strategic thinking and acting has not only steered Nagaad’s on women’s empowerment and WORDA  to work women in the grass roots and middle level to have equitable participation in their communities to great heights, but has also enabled the issue of women´s quota be highly placed on the current in the final stage to be approved by the parliament. She has also been instrumental in the establishment of Somaliland women united voice caucus; the caucus’s first aim is to promote women’s leadership roles in Somaliland.

Kiin Ali Farah trained on the role women can play in Peace and Democracy and Human Rights, Kiin has since become executive director of SOWRAG (Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group).  SOWRAG strives for women to make a conscious effort to get a say in the decision making process.

Zeynab Abdi is the current chair of Unita, Umbrella group of women’s groups having trained on peace building and conflict transformation. email:                       Watch Interview with Zeynab