Amal Said holds a DEA en linguistique Arabe (postgraduate certificate in Arab linguistic) from the Université de Bordeaux IIIand gained her Masters degree in Linguistics from Sorbonne in Paris. She is currently responsible for the Women’s Desk at Bender Djedid Community Association in Djibouti and also works for the Ministry of Education as a teacher trainer. As well as participating in various training workshops related with gender, women promotion and Human Rights inside Djibouti and abroad she has previously worked as a Consultant with UNDP and was involved in Djibouti’s HIV/AIDS campaign and the campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM). She has worked in the educational field as a responsible of the educational sector and of the advocacy for the Protocol of Maputo in scholar establishments in Djibouti city and in women’s associations in 4 regions of Djibouti (Ali Sabieh, Dikhil, Tadjourah and Obock). Amal Said is also Country Focal Point for the SIHA Network in Djibouti.



Irbelde Said works at the Bender Djedid Community Association, which aims to fight against poverty and to promote sustainable development against the socio-economic crisis within the vulnerable population. The association provides assistance to disinherited families, in the form of gifts of food and clothing received from local/ international partners of the organization, through income generating activities and also on the level of education and health. It recently opened a nursery school and also distributes medicines via its medical cabinet.