More women heed call for Peacekeeping

The New Times Rwanda

For the past few years, Rwanda has been making global headlines for its outstanding role in providing the much-needed females in various peacekeeping missions in the world.

“I will miss my family very much…and then there is fear associated with a new environment,” she told The New Times in an interview.
“Far away deployments are part of our duty….and it comes with great challenges but we ha

Official figures from the peace keeping unit at the Rwanda National Police indicate that of the 490 police personnel on deployment, 150 are female.

Last Friday, the Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel Gasana, told a contingent of 100 policewomen headed for a peace support mission in Sudan’s troubled region of Darfur that ‘for the force, standards had been set high and it cannot be them to lower them’.

The police chief told the unit composed of young women averaging 25 years of age to count themselves lucky because they have been entrusted with such a noble mission – peace support operations.

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